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I've done a TON of research online regarding DIY wedding stuff.  I've found some duds, but I've also found some gold mines!  Here are a some of the really helpful blogs and websites that I have found: -- a collection of wedding blogs.  It is filled with SO much helpful information.  I very strongly suggest that all brides/grooms to be check it out! -- You may have already heard about Heather's blog because everyone links to her.  She is amazing.  The blog is so helpful!  A few of my favorite DIYs on the blog are: Aisle Runner, Card Box, and the Pocketfold Invitations. -- I already had the fonts that I wanted for my invitations, but this website is really cool.  I have used it for Halloween, Christmas, and other random things as well.  And, it's free! -- If you are trying to make a map as one of the inserts for your invitations, definitely take a look at this website! -- If you're doing your own silk flower bouquets, this website is very useful.  They have great flowers for great prices!  They've also got a helpful video help section to guide you in your DIYs. -- This place is intense.  They have everything.  And, they've got reasonable prices on their stuff!  I bought the bottles for my vanilla favors and my parasol from here. -- One of the links I am using to make my sand ceremony frame. -- Some very helpful DIY stuff on there (there is a great pearl necklace DIY). -- I have gotten a lot of inspiration from this blog.  There are some really cute ideas (I love the scavenger hunt!) and some helpful DIYs (another blog I'm using for the sand ceremony frame). -- What bride hasn't used The Knot, right?  There is a lot of helpful information on the website! -- Yep.  I use Dollar Tree.  What can I say?  It's got some pretty cool stuff for VERY cheap... $1 to be exact!  ;)  Seriously, though.  Take a look at Dollar Tree.  They have some stuff that can be used for centerpieces, favors, decor, etc.  I even got my bubbles from there (I added some ribbon and label) -- I got 9 bottles of bubbles for $1.  You just can't beat that. -- This blog is especially helpful for couples having beach weddings, but there are plenty of other ideas and instructions for all brides! -- This blog has SO much DIY information on it.  Some of the ideas are fantastic!  And, she gives great instructions on how to do things (I especially love the DIY Wedding Sign and the DIY ring bearer's pillow). -- For DIY Baby's Breath bouquets. -- For another DIY tutorial on Baby's Breath bouquets. -- Another great blog for DIY ideas.  I especially love her DIY Personalized Bridesmaid totes! -- This webstore has linens (napkins, tablecloths, table runners, etc.) at very reasonable prices. -- If you need large sheets of paper, you can get them pretty reasonably here.  They offer bulk discounts and you can usually find a free shipping coupon online.  I got the paper for my pocketfold invitations from here. -- This website has the most reasonably priced envelopes I could find.  However, make sure to buy all of your envelopes at once.  The price for shipping is pretty steep on one item, but each additional item shipped only adds a few cents! -- You can design your own stamp and just upload the image (which is what I highly suggest).  The prices are reasonable and they ship very quickly!

I am sure that I will continually add more blogs/websites here, so be sure to check back often!
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