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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paper Lanterns or String Balls?

I've blogged before about my love/obsession with paper lanterns.  I think they look absolutely amazing.  I really want them at the wedding.  There are a few problems with it though.  

First, the price.  Not really the price of the paper lanterns themselves.  I've found a few websites with really reasonable prices for the lanterns ($1-$2 a piece depending on size).  The real issue with cost is the price of lighting the darn things.  One light for those things is at least a few bucks a piece.  And that adds up quick when I'm planning on having at least 50 or 60 lanterns up.  

Second, the work!  It's going to be a lot of work to get all of those lanterns hung up in the tent.  However, I will have a lot of help there with me.  ;)  

I have found a way that will allow me to light the lanterns fairly inexpensively.  They're called "throwies."  I found them on Weddingbee.  The only problem with those is that it will be a bunch of work to make the darn things!  

In my constant blog stalking, I've come across another nifty idea: string balls.

I came across these a while ago, but one of the normal blogs I follow posted about them yesterday.  Hers looked really cute:

I know that they'd be super cheap.  But, they'd also add another DIY to my already enormous to do list.  Plus, I'd have to figure out how to light these as well.  And lighting for them would need to be fairly small because I don't want the light inside of the balls to show up the balls themselves.  Or I could just direct a spotlight lamp towards them.  Eh, who knows.

So, what is your preference?  The string balls or the paper lanterns?



  1. Hi Tara,

    I needed some grapevine for a project, and retail craft stores haven't carried it in years. Googled a lot and found this site:

    Surprised the heck out of me, but I found what I needed! Best part is retail stores use to charge triple the price of this - I'm getting my grapevine for only $6.49 each. They have a ton of stuff that may help you with the lighting too. (with all of your DIY projects, you probably already know about this site though)... just thought I would mention it!

    If you need help with anything, please don't hesitate to ask! Can't believe it's only 4 months now.. time has flown by!


  2. hi i am myself obsessed with paper lanterns and want them foer my wedding i'll start saving from now itself, i believe wedding happens once in a life time and paper lantern wedding it should be when u look back .... hope m nt intruding .. wish u loads of wishes and congrats for ur wedding


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