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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yes, getting married is an incredibly important step in life. It's an enormous decision. It's a reason to rejoice and have friends and family join in the celebration.

However, I'm not sure when getting married stopped being about the marriage and became more about the wedding. I'm not going to lie; I am planning my wedding to be how Philip and I want it to be. Still, I am not flipping out over every single detail.

It is just ONE DAY. Your wedding does not give you reason to be a b*tch for a year or so before the date. It does not give you just cause to flip out because you did not get your way on every little detail.

I just don't understand bridezillas. I've been surfing a lot of wedding websites trying to get ideas (I am on a budget after all). I have been surprised by how many crazy brides-to-be there are out there.

One bride flipped out on and disowned her maid of honor because she got pregnant. Seriously?? In what world is this acceptable? She felt that she was justified because, how could her maid of honor "ruin" her special day like that? She literally said, "She has her whole life to have children. Why did she have to ruin my wedding?" OMGWTF???

Why does it matter if your best friend is pregnant at your wedding? Shouldn't you be happy for your best friend for adding a child to her family? What difference does it make if your MOH is pregnant? She's still your best friend and she'll still stand by your side at your wedding... I just don't understand.

Another bride-to-be was upset because her future brother-in-law proposed to his girlfriend. They announced their wedding for 6 months after her wedding. Still, she was upset because she felt that they were "stealing her shine." Seriously??? Where the hell do these brides get this? They get one day for their wedding... not months or years. I mean, I can understand if they picked the same day or maybe even the weeks prior or after the wedding (I mean, that would cause a lot of stress for the family to have 2 weddings so close together), but six months? SIX MONTHS!!! That's half of a year! GAH!!! These bridezillas drive me crazy.

Your wedding should be wonderful and magical. But, it is just one day. The marriage is the really important thing here. Am I just crazy for feeling like these women are nuts?? I really worry for the state of their marriages... and the world that lets women think that they are justified in feeling this way.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I live just outside of Denver, Colorado. Philip and I are having our wedding in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (most of his family lives in that area). That's about 1,600 miles away.

FYI, that is a major pain in my you-know-what. It's incredibly difficult to plan a wedding from that far away. That's one of the reasons that I'm doing so much DIYing... that and for financial reasons.

The biggest problem has been with the venue. I can't just drop everything here in Colorado, buy a plane ticket to Pennsylvania, rent a car, and scout sites for the ceremony and reception. First of all, we just moved here and I just started a new job... I don't have vacation time yet! Second, I don't want to blow a bunch of money from my wedding budget on that!

So, I have had to depend on my new best friend, Google, and some wonderful relatives of Philip's in Lancaster. I did decide on a venue:

It is Chickies Rock Park in Columbia (just outside of Lancaster), Pennsylvania. It is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I cannot officially book the venue until September 27, 2010. However, that means that no one else can have it booked that day. :)

I think it will be absolutely perfect. :) The wedding will be September 24, 2011, so we should have at least a little bit of color for the trees! But, it should still be relatively comfortable temperature-wise.

With the venue situation relatively settled, I still have to deal with finding other vendors. How do I decide on a baker without having tried their cakes? How do I decide on a caterer without trying their food? How do I decide on a florist without seeing their work?

Well, here comes the DIY. I refuse to do my own cake. That's a hassle times a hundred. However, I will be doing my own flowers. Most likely silk. I have a few other ideas in mind, but that's an entirely different post alltogether.

We will also be handing the food. We will be doing some sandwiches and other simple ideas for the reception. It's a park, so no alcohol is allowed. Not really an issue to Philip or I... there are a few people in our families that we don't want getting liquored up and causing a scene. We plan to take our wedding party out for drinks afterwards, though.

We are also doing our own music and a friend of ours will be the MC.

I will post about all of this in more detail later. I just wanted to get the general ideas down right now. :)


My name is Tara. I will be getting married in just over a year: Saturday, September 24, 2011. I have received a lot of help/advice from other people's wedding blogs, so I thought I would start one of my own. I hope that my blog can help other brides-to-be with their planning.

I plan to do a lot of DIYing for my wedding, so I will try to my readers know how and why I chose to do/use certain things... especially since many parts of my wedding will be non-traditional.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them with me. I'll try to help any way I can!

Thanks for coming to my blog. Happy reading!
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