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Thursday, December 30, 2010


I am not a shoe-holic. I don't have dozens of pairs of shoes. In fact, Philip has more shoes than me... by a lot. haha

However, that doesn't mean that I don't like shoes. I really do like cute shoes. I just have a lot of trouble finding shoes that fit me right. And, I also have a lot of trouble justifying spending money on shoes when I already have shoes.

I'm gradually getting better about being okay with buying shoes. I've even started my search for wedding shoes. :)

Originally, I was looking for white or ivory shoes. You know, typical wedding shoes. Then I decided that was too boring. I want my shoes to be a little more wild than that. Especially since my dress will be more traditional.

Since our colors are navy and ivory, I thought it would be cute to have navy colored pumps. And, that takes care of the "something blue" part of the tradition!

Here are a few of my favorites so far:

I'm not set on any of these. They're just the styles that I like right now. Of course, if I get something like this, I'm most likely going to need to by some reception shoes, too... I don't think I'll be able to dance all night long in pumps like these!

Photo list

I've been thinking recently about the photography. I already have a photographer (the first thing that I put a deposit on!). We went with Double H Photography in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Howie Hartman). I'm still pleased with that decision. The photos that I have seen are wonderful. I'm sure that he will do a fantastic job at our wedding.

My thoughts have mostly been around which photos are my "must haves." I'm not sure if you've ever searched for lists of "must have" wedding photos, but there are a TON. So, I've been sifting through the lists that I've found to try to figure out which photos I really want. The rest I'll leave up to Howie. I'm sure he'll do a fine job without me having to tell him exactly what I want.

There are the obvious shots: with my family, with Philip's family, with the bridal party, etc. I'm sure Howie knows to get those shots. The ones I'm working on compiling are ones that he may not think of or may forget about.

I plan to spend a lot of time decorating the venues, so I really want to make sure that he gets pictures of all of the details. I mean, if I spend a year planning this thing, I want to have pictures of all of my hard work.

One of the bigger, more important ones I want is the "first look." I mean the moment that Philip and I first see each other as I start to walk down the aisle. I can't wait to see the look on his face and I want photos to have that moment forever.

I spent a lot of time choosing the perfect venue for us. Chickies Rock is absolutely beautiful. I want photos of the overlook and the gazebo and our guests mulling around in the area.

I want photos of us mingling with guests. I want TONS of pictures of everyone dancing. I want pictures of us being absolutely, disgustingly lovey-dovey.

I've also tossed around the idea of having a fauxto-booth. I am a budget bride and don't want to pay for an actual photo booth (they're outrageously priced!). However, I thought about putting out props and getting some posed photos (similar to a photo booth). I'm not sure about that idea yet. We shall see.

I'm hoping to put together my own list of photos to give to Howie. I've still got plenty of time for that though!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Save the Dates Disagreement

I know it has been a while since I blogged last. I've been busy with other things. I haven't been doing much wedding related in the past month. I've been doing Thanksgiving stuff, baking, irritating our government (mostly the TSA), and preparing for Christmas.

The one thing I have been doing which is wedding related is pondering which photo to use for our Save the Dates. They will need to go out in 2 or 3 months and so, I should have them finished before then!

There have been a few problems though. My mother and I agree on our 3 favorites. That was a piece of cake. I was surprised it was so easy (there were originally about 15 designs, so to narrow it down to 3 favorites for both of us in common was nothing short of amazing!). However, I then asked Philip to pick his favorites. He picked one. It was not one of the three that we originally picked. It's probably one of my least favorites. So, now I have to figure out why he likes the one he does and why he doesn't like the others.

Hopefully I'll be able to come up with a design in the next few weeks that will be satisfactory to each of the important people (myself, my mom, and Philip). Then I can get them printed and get started making them into magnets! :)
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