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Friday, April 29, 2011

DIY Hangers Inspiration

A while back, I came across these:


I really like the idea of dressing up the hangers a little bit and making them personal for the wedding party.  However, I wasn't completely sold on the wire name idea.  I am too much of a perfectionist to ever be able to get the names exactly as I would want them to be.  I'm sure working with floral wire is a pain in the butt to get it to look exactly right.  

So, I kind of put it out of my mind for a while.  Then I came across these:

They're so cute!  And, they ease my perfectionist mind!  ;)  The picture above is still a little plain though, so I think I may end up adding some ribbon to the metal part of the hanger (similar to the first photo).  

Once I had the idea of where to go with it, I knew I wanted to do it.  So, I picked up some hangers from Target to get started.  

I actually started working on them last night but I realized I didn't have something that I needed for the project.  So, I will hopefully be able to pick up my missing supplies and finish this up on Sunday or Monday.  I'll be sure to post pictures when I finish.  :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ceremony Prelude

I have officially figured out the music for the prelude of our ceremony.  I wanted it to be mostly instrumental but I didn't want it to be all older classical music.  I wanted to add some modern music to it.  This is what I came up with:

Thomas Newman - Any Other Name (think American Beauty)

Louis Armstrong - La Vie en Rose

David Gray - January Rain (think Serendipity)

Thomas Newman - Define Dancing (think Wall-E)

Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk

Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven

Adele - Someone Like You (Instrumental Version)

Badly Drawn Boy - I Love N.Y.E. (think About a Boy)

I actually put quite a bit of time into deciding on this and I'm really pleased with what I've got.  What do you think?  

Bridezillas: The Guest List

As you all know, I troll the usual wedding boards.  One of my favorites is the Wedding Buzz board on Facebook.  I say that it's one of my favorites, but I'm sure not a visit to the board passes without someone on there irritating me.  

Why?  Because, like any other wedding board, it's filled with Bridezillas.  Honestly, most of the ladies there are really nice.  But, even a few Bridezillas is too many.  

The latest irritation?  A bride wanted to ask her FH to get rid of his best man because she didn't really like him.  I think the groom should have all of the say when it comes to his groomsmen!  Just like the bride should have the say when it comes to her bridesmaids!  This woman wanted advice on how to tell her FH to drop the guy and then un-invite him from the wedding.  My advice is to her FH: drop that diva immediately.  

The wedding day should have all of the people that you both want there; not just who the bride wants there.  If the bride is going to be that controlling over who is at the wedding, don't you think she's going to be a controlling wife as well?  Not a good sign!

I am very fortunate.  I haven't had to deal with a whole lot of guest list issues.  In fact, there is only one person who I wish would not attend our wedding who has to be invited.  I'd rather eat dirt than have to deal with her on my wedding day, but she's one of Philip's best friends.  So, she's invited; no questions asked.  

Philip knows that I don't like her.  I've made no secret of it.  She knows that I don't like her.  I've made no secret of that either.  But, the wedding is not just about me.  Philip is still friends with her (for reasons I will never understand) and that's reason enough for her to be at our wedding.  

So, on our wedding day, I will put on my big-girl-panties and suck it up.  I will avoid her at all costs and not allow her to ruin the day.  It's important to Philip that she be there and I want Philip to be happy.  

I just won't be shedding any tears if she can't make it to our big day.  ;)

Monday, April 25, 2011

DIY Baby's Breath Boutonniere (Trial 1)

Today, I tried my hand at making a Baby's Breath boutonniere to go with the Baby's Breath bouquet I made yesterday.  It wasn't quite as successful.  This is what I was going for:

And this is what I ended up with:

I think it looks okay for my first try.  I need to make the stems a little longer so that I have more to work with.  I feel like there is something missing.  Also, the bout is a little too ... "bushy."  It's kind of out of control.  I'm not sure what to do with the bottom of it.  Right now, it's just wrapped in floral wire.  

I think it's got potential.  I have some ideas for where to go with it on trial number 2.  I'm sure it will be beautiful.  :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I really cannot believe how the time has flown by.  We now have only FIVE months left to go.  That's only 153 days!  How is that possible?  

Philip and I got engaged on August 14th.  At that point, there were 406 days until the wedding date.  Where has the time gone?!?

I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed.  I mean, if the past 253 days have gone by this quickly, I can only imagine how fast the next 153 days are going to go by!  

The good news is that we've managed to get so much done so far.  Decisions have been made and a ton of projects are finished.  The invitations are not put together, but the inserts are all designed (and some of them printed).  I have the programs designed (a blog post coming soon!).  We've got all of our major vendors.  We know what the bouquets are going to look like.

We have our honeymoon plans started.  We've begun learning Italian.  We have our flights (for the wedding and honeymoon).  We have our ceremony and reception sites.  We have our tent rented (along with all of our tables and chairs).  We are thisclose to deciding on a centerpiece design.  

Everything is coming together very nicely.  But, we still have a ton to do.  Just a few examples:
  • Printing, compiling, mailing invitations
  • Printing, compiling programs
  • Ordering bridesmaid dresses (waiting for the measurements of 1 BM)
  • Finding/Buying ties for the GMs
  • Ordering GM/BM gifts
  • Deciding centerpiece design
  • Ordering centerpiece components
  • Ordering flowers for bouquets/decor
  • Ceremony aisle decor
  • OOT bags
  • Finishing photo album
  • Finishing weekend timeline
  • Finishing wedding packet (informational)
  • DIY Tears of Joy
  • DIY Thank You parasol
  • Favors (soo close to a decision)
  • Deciding/Buying wedding bands (his & hers)
Ugh.  The list seems like it grows everyday.  That list isn't complete and it is already overwhelming.  But, I know that we still have plenty of time.  I just need to pace myself and keep on keepin' on.  ;)  At least these projects are fun! 

We have an officiant/celebrant!

Philip and I thought for a while about who we wanted to "marry us."  We didn't want someone we didn't know to perform our ceremony.  

It's the most important day of our lives.  I do not want a stranger joining us for life.  When I look back at our wedding photos, I don't want to see pictures of some person I don't even know at the front of our ceremony.  I don't want to think back on our ceremony and have to think, "What was the name of the guy/girl who married us?"  

We both wanted our ceremony to be special.  Having a stranger perform the ceremony made it a whole lot less so.

So, we knew we wanted someone we knew to join us.  Our first choice was a friend of ours from North Carolina: Jon.  I went to college with him and he was one of Philip's old roommates.  We consider him to be one of our very best friends.  

A few weeks ago, I asked him if he would do us the honor of being our celebrant.  I explained to him what would be involved and he took some time to consider it.  Last week, we spoke again and he agreed to lead our ceremony.
I cannot express how excited I am about this!  Jon knows both of us really well, and our ceremony will be that much more personal because of it. 

Jon & I at graduation in May 2008. 

DIY Baby's Breath Bouquet (Trial 1)

I bought 2 bunches of Baby's Breath from King Soopers three weekends ago.  I haven't had a chance to do anything with them until today.  I finally decided to try my hand at making my own bouquet today.

This is what I started with:
There were 3 stems in each "bunch."  So, I had 6 stems to work with.  First, I sorted them out and trimmed them up so that the flowers would be more even.  Then I wrapped them in floral wire and trimmed up the ends.  

Then I grabbed some ribbon I had lying around.  I wrapped the stems up in it and then put in some pearl tipped pins to hold the ribbon in place (and to snazz it up a bit!).  Then I tied a bow around the top.  And, this is what I was left with:

I know it's not perfect, but I'm really pleased with it.  I mean, I only spent about 5 minutes on it -- tops!  So, I now have complete faith that we can get these bouquets done very quickly before the wedding.  And, I know that the flowers will last!  These flowers are already 3 weeks old and look almost as good as the day that I bought them -- just a little crispier!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blah blah blah

I think I must be the only person on the face of the earth who cares nothing about the royal wedding.  Don't get me wrong.  I am completely happy for them for finding love and making the commitment.  

However, that does not mean that I want to have to read about it everywhere I look.  It seems like most of the blogs I follow have something about the royal wedding almost every day.  It's getting worse the closer it gets.  

What kind of dress do you think she'll wear?  What kind of shoes?  Did you hear that the prince is refusing to wear a wedding band?  Did you see the invitations?  Have you signed their virtual guest book?  Did you hear how many guests they're having?  Did you see that they've announced their wedding party?


Why does this wedding matter so much?  I don't really get it.  Sure, they're supposedly important people.  But, what does it really matter?  Sure, they're royalty, but what does that even mean anymore?  

I just don't understand why everyone is so obsessed with it.  I'm sure saying that is considered blasphemy to some people.  I will just be happy when the wedding is finally over so that I won't have to hear (read?) about it anymore!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I've gone back and forth a hundred times on what I want to do for favors.  I don't want to do something typical. I don't want the Jordan almonds or M&Ms.  I don't want something ridiculous with our names and wedding date on it that our guests (realistically) don't really care about or won't ever use.  

Just what I've always wanted!  A candle holder with someone else's names and wedding date on it!

Oh, goody!  A shell with some other couple's name on it.  Just love the cheesy shell/shall pun, too.  

Keeping it classy with this one.  That way when I'm watching the Colts game and getting wasted, I can be reminded of  your wedding.  Thanks, guys.

Anyway, I have been on a search for months trying to figure out what I want to use.  It needed to be relatively inexpensive, super cool, and something that had a high chance of actually being used (instead of getting trashed immediately upon leaving the reception site).  I also preferred something that would be edible and somehow related to Philip and I.

At first I was leaning towards mini containers of maple syrup and pancake mix (DIY of course).  It would be really simple.  The syrup would be at the favor table with the names and table numbers of our guests on them.  Then the bags or jars of the premade pancake mix would be at the table with the guests' names on them.  

It related to Philip and I because we met at an IHOP.  :)  I thought the idea was cute, but I wasn't really sure how well it would go over.

Next up, I thought about doing oil and vinegar favors.  It related because of our honeymoon to Italy.  Like the syrup, one would be at the favor table and one at the dinner tables.  Again, I thought it was really cute and I thought it would probably go over really well.  But, olive oil and balsamic vinegar are not cheap (at least the good kinds aren't).


Then I thought about doing Italian spices (think oregano and basil or something of the like).  Again, one at the favor table and one at the dinner tables.  

I really like the idea.  It seems really simple and it's fitting for our wedding.  Plus, it's got the edible factor in its favor (ha!  favor!).  It will also last a long time and guests aren't likely to throw it away.  Plus, I think it's super cute.  :)

Recently, I came across these:

I immediately fell in love with them.  They are DIY vanilla extract and vanilla sugar.  It's really simple to do and I think they are so adorable.  I had some difficulty figuring out how to relate them to Philip and I though.  Then I came across these puppies:

Again, so-so-so cute!  And they could work together with the vanilla extract and vanilla sugar.  Philip and I both love our coffee drinks (I like mine to taste less like coffee and more like sugar than Philip does, though!).  So, we could put a little recipe on them for a Vanilla Coffee drink to make the "perfect blend," just like Philip and I are the perfect blend.  ;)  Yeah, I know, it's cheesy.  But I love it.  

So many choices!  I think right now, I'm leaning toward the spices or the "perfect blend."  I'm sure my mind could change at any second though.  I'm going to try to stop looking for now though.  I don't want to find anymore good ideas.  ;)  

So, what do you think?  Which would you like best as a wedding favor?  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner / Bach Parties

We now have a decision for our rehearsal dinner (actually, we've had the decision for a bit, but I've been too busy to blog about it!).  

We are going to do a simple cook-out/barbecue rehearsal dinner.  First we are going to do the actual rehearsal at the ceremony venue.  It shouldn't take very long at all.  Afterwards, we'll be going to Philip's grandparents' house to eat and be merry.  :)  

After that, we'll probably go our separate ways for our Bachelor/ette parties.  But, honestly, I've been kicking around the idea of having a joint party for both of us.  I am just not so sure that Philip's guys will be able to pull off a good Bach party (sorry guys!).  Plus, I have a bunch of guy friends and Philip has a bunch of girl friends and we have a LOT of the same friends.  So, I think it might be easier if we just have one party together.  That way, our friends won't have to choose which party to go to or feel obligated to go to one because of their gender.  

A bride on one of the wedding boards I stalk (haha) did this.  She and her husband had a joint party with all of their friends and they had a huge photo scavenger hunt.  I love that idea.  It was something that we used to do at college and it is SO much fun!  Then we could just hang out and party the night away (until a reasonable hour because this bride needs her beauty sleep!).  :)

I don't know.  I still have some deciding to do on that end.  I am going to bring it up to Philip and see what his thoughts are.  If he's set on the separate parties, that will be fine.  I will just need to light a fire under his groomsmen to make sure that they actually throw a good one!  Fortunately, this is not a decision that needs to be made right now.   We still have plenty of time.   :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses Update!

After much consideration, the decision has been made.  We are going with these:

They are Alfred Angelo 7056.  They will (of course) be in navy with ivory trim.  I might be biased, but I think my sister looks better in this dress than the model does: 

My ladies are going to be smokin' hot.  ;)  I'm waiting to hear back about their sizes and then we'll be placing the order in the next week (hopefully).

I want them to be in matching shoes, but I told them I don't really care what they are.  I was thinking probably ivory or silver shoes, but I've mostly left it up to them.  I think that wedges will probably be the best option since they will be standing on grass for at least part of the time.  

After just a quick search, these are what I've got in mind:

They are Volatile Ibiza in Natural color.  I love the ankle-wrap.  They're really cute -- not too casual, but not too formal.  Plus, the girls could wear them after the wedding, too. 

There's still plenty of time to decide on the shoes.  I'm just happy that we're making headway on the bridesmaids' attire! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Speak Now

As I mentioned yesterday, our ceremony wording is complete.  Last night, I had my ipod on shuffle and Taylor Swift's Speak Now started playing.  If you don't know, it's about a girl who stands up at a friend's wedding at the "speak now or forever hold your peace" part because she knows that the girl isn't right for him.

That got me to thinking.  Does anyone actually include that part in their ceremony anymore?  I know I didn't!  It's just ridiculous.  If anyone knew some reason why the couple shouldn't be married, aren't there a lot better times to let them know other than during their wedding ceremony?  

And, if anyone were to actually speak up during my wedding ceremony, I think I'd probably lose it and deck someone.  I really don't want to ruin my beautiful dress with anyone's blood.  ;)  I kid, I kid.  

There is nothing that anyone could say to change my mind about Philip being my soulmate.    So, there is no reason for us to have that in our ceremony.  

Did you (or will you) have that included in your ceremony?  Why or why not?

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Ceremony

Philip and I are creating our own ceremony.  A friend of ours will be doing the officiating.  Since the beginning, I was super excited about this.  I knew it meant that the ceremony would be ours.  No cookie cutter ceremony for us!

And then I started to actually put together the ceremony.  It's a good bit of work!  In the beginning, I was overwhelmed.  I didn't know where to start or what should go where.  

A few weeks ago, I was  in Borders (the store was going closing so everything was 40-60% off!  Score!) and came across this book:

The Wedding Ceremony Planner: The Essential Guide to the Most Important Part of Your Wedding Day by Judith Johnson

This book is fantastic.  It gives a lot of examples to work from and it helps to give you an idea of the flow of the ceremony.  It has been so helpful.

So helpful that I finished the ceremony this past weekend!  Of course, I did get some inspiration from other sources.  Especially for the "extras" in our ceremony, like the sand ceremony and the handfasting (the book gives ideas for a water ceremony or a candle ceremony but no sand ceremony or handfasting ceremony).  

A few of the other sources I used were:

I wouldn't have been able to get it done, but Philip was sick.  So, while he was sleeping, I powered through.  I am really happy with what I've come up with!  I'm not going to share it now because I'd like it to be a surprise for the wedding day, but I'll definitely share after the wedding is over.  

PhotoWorks Reminder

Just a reminder:

PhotoWorks is closing after TODAY (April 4th).  You can get 25% off your order using the code LASTCHANCE.  

Also, if you have photos on the PhotoWorks website, you can transfer them to Shutterfly by May 2nd, you can get a $30 credit on your Shutterfly account.  It's a great deal, so be sure to take advantage of it!  :)

Also, Walgreens is having a week of photo deals.  Today's deal is 50% of 8.5x11 custom cover photo books.  Just enter the coupon code BOOKDEAL at checkout.  They also have 20% off all photo gifts through Saturday.  

Friday, April 1, 2011


I came across a blog today about napkins.  They say that most napkin folds are too '80s and recommend some flat options.  I was actually leaning towards the crown napkin fold.  I didn't think it looked outdated.  What do you think?  Should I try something more simple?  

Anyway, when I started thinking about napkins, I did a search for different napkin folds.  I came across this website with directions on how to do 12 different napkin folds.  One of them made me do a double take:

I don't think there is anyone who sees this napkin and doesn't immediately think, "Wow.  That's a penis."  Am I wrong?  Maybe I have a dirty mind.  But, I think we can definitely cross this option off the list.  I can just picture all of my college friends doing lewd things with their napkins.  It wouldn't be pretty.  
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