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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner / Bach Parties

We now have a decision for our rehearsal dinner (actually, we've had the decision for a bit, but I've been too busy to blog about it!).  

We are going to do a simple cook-out/barbecue rehearsal dinner.  First we are going to do the actual rehearsal at the ceremony venue.  It shouldn't take very long at all.  Afterwards, we'll be going to Philip's grandparents' house to eat and be merry.  :)  

After that, we'll probably go our separate ways for our Bachelor/ette parties.  But, honestly, I've been kicking around the idea of having a joint party for both of us.  I am just not so sure that Philip's guys will be able to pull off a good Bach party (sorry guys!).  Plus, I have a bunch of guy friends and Philip has a bunch of girl friends and we have a LOT of the same friends.  So, I think it might be easier if we just have one party together.  That way, our friends won't have to choose which party to go to or feel obligated to go to one because of their gender.  

A bride on one of the wedding boards I stalk (haha) did this.  She and her husband had a joint party with all of their friends and they had a huge photo scavenger hunt.  I love that idea.  It was something that we used to do at college and it is SO much fun!  Then we could just hang out and party the night away (until a reasonable hour because this bride needs her beauty sleep!).  :)

I don't know.  I still have some deciding to do on that end.  I am going to bring it up to Philip and see what his thoughts are.  If he's set on the separate parties, that will be fine.  I will just need to light a fire under his groomsmen to make sure that they actually throw a good one!  Fortunately, this is not a decision that needs to be made right now.   We still have plenty of time.   :)

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