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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I've gone back and forth a hundred times on what I want to do for favors.  I don't want to do something typical. I don't want the Jordan almonds or M&Ms.  I don't want something ridiculous with our names and wedding date on it that our guests (realistically) don't really care about or won't ever use.  

Just what I've always wanted!  A candle holder with someone else's names and wedding date on it!

Oh, goody!  A shell with some other couple's name on it.  Just love the cheesy shell/shall pun, too.  

Keeping it classy with this one.  That way when I'm watching the Colts game and getting wasted, I can be reminded of  your wedding.  Thanks, guys.

Anyway, I have been on a search for months trying to figure out what I want to use.  It needed to be relatively inexpensive, super cool, and something that had a high chance of actually being used (instead of getting trashed immediately upon leaving the reception site).  I also preferred something that would be edible and somehow related to Philip and I.

At first I was leaning towards mini containers of maple syrup and pancake mix (DIY of course).  It would be really simple.  The syrup would be at the favor table with the names and table numbers of our guests on them.  Then the bags or jars of the premade pancake mix would be at the table with the guests' names on them.  

It related to Philip and I because we met at an IHOP.  :)  I thought the idea was cute, but I wasn't really sure how well it would go over.

Next up, I thought about doing oil and vinegar favors.  It related because of our honeymoon to Italy.  Like the syrup, one would be at the favor table and one at the dinner tables.  Again, I thought it was really cute and I thought it would probably go over really well.  But, olive oil and balsamic vinegar are not cheap (at least the good kinds aren't).


Then I thought about doing Italian spices (think oregano and basil or something of the like).  Again, one at the favor table and one at the dinner tables.  

I really like the idea.  It seems really simple and it's fitting for our wedding.  Plus, it's got the edible factor in its favor (ha!  favor!).  It will also last a long time and guests aren't likely to throw it away.  Plus, I think it's super cute.  :)

Recently, I came across these:

I immediately fell in love with them.  They are DIY vanilla extract and vanilla sugar.  It's really simple to do and I think they are so adorable.  I had some difficulty figuring out how to relate them to Philip and I though.  Then I came across these puppies:

Again, so-so-so cute!  And they could work together with the vanilla extract and vanilla sugar.  Philip and I both love our coffee drinks (I like mine to taste less like coffee and more like sugar than Philip does, though!).  So, we could put a little recipe on them for a Vanilla Coffee drink to make the "perfect blend," just like Philip and I are the perfect blend.  ;)  Yeah, I know, it's cheesy.  But I love it.  

So many choices!  I think right now, I'm leaning toward the spices or the "perfect blend."  I'm sure my mind could change at any second though.  I'm going to try to stop looking for now though.  I don't want to find anymore good ideas.  ;)  

So, what do you think?  Which would you like best as a wedding favor?  


  1. I am also a DIY bride, getting married on the same date!! I am trying to figure out an idea for candy at the tables...I don't want Jordan Almonds or the wedding mints. And since we are getting married at the park, chocolate is out...but good luck with everything, your favors look super cute!!

  2. Super funny post. Thanks for making me laugh. It's so good you realize that no one wants a gift they won't really use.


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