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Sunday, April 24, 2011


I really cannot believe how the time has flown by.  We now have only FIVE months left to go.  That's only 153 days!  How is that possible?  

Philip and I got engaged on August 14th.  At that point, there were 406 days until the wedding date.  Where has the time gone?!?

I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed.  I mean, if the past 253 days have gone by this quickly, I can only imagine how fast the next 153 days are going to go by!  

The good news is that we've managed to get so much done so far.  Decisions have been made and a ton of projects are finished.  The invitations are not put together, but the inserts are all designed (and some of them printed).  I have the programs designed (a blog post coming soon!).  We've got all of our major vendors.  We know what the bouquets are going to look like.

We have our honeymoon plans started.  We've begun learning Italian.  We have our flights (for the wedding and honeymoon).  We have our ceremony and reception sites.  We have our tent rented (along with all of our tables and chairs).  We are thisclose to deciding on a centerpiece design.  

Everything is coming together very nicely.  But, we still have a ton to do.  Just a few examples:
  • Printing, compiling, mailing invitations
  • Printing, compiling programs
  • Ordering bridesmaid dresses (waiting for the measurements of 1 BM)
  • Finding/Buying ties for the GMs
  • Ordering GM/BM gifts
  • Deciding centerpiece design
  • Ordering centerpiece components
  • Ordering flowers for bouquets/decor
  • Ceremony aisle decor
  • OOT bags
  • Finishing photo album
  • Finishing weekend timeline
  • Finishing wedding packet (informational)
  • DIY Tears of Joy
  • DIY Thank You parasol
  • Favors (soo close to a decision)
  • Deciding/Buying wedding bands (his & hers)
Ugh.  The list seems like it grows everyday.  That list isn't complete and it is already overwhelming.  But, I know that we still have plenty of time.  I just need to pace myself and keep on keepin' on.  ;)  At least these projects are fun! 

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