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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Duck Butt

I am a short-haired bride.  And not what is typically referred to as a "short-haired bride."  My hair is actually short.  I have what my friends lovingly call "the duck butt."  It's short with the back sticking out all over:

When looking for inspiration for what to do with my hair for the big day, I had a huge problem.  When searching "short hair bride," I came up with photos like these:

Obviously, my hair is much shorter than these styles.  I don't even consider the middle one to be "short" hair!  So, my definition of short is much shorter than that of internet-land.  

I really like my short hair.  I think it looks best on me.  So, I had originally thought of going with my normal duck-butt for the wedding.  Lately I've been toying with growing my hair out a bit.  I haven't had a hair cut since February.  That is an insanely long time for me.  My hair is driving me bonkers.  And, it's in that kind-of in-between phase.  It's shaggy but still short.  I hate it, but so far I've gotten a lot of compliments on it.  

I don't even know what my end goal is at this point.  I haven't seen any hairstyles that have really stuck out to me.  I'm just kind of bored with what I've got.  Normally when I get bored I chop off even more, but last time I had a super short pixie cut.  When I got bored with it, I went back to the duck butt.  So, I figure since I've done a ton of short, maybe I should expand my horizons and do a little bit longer style of "short."  

Honestly, I think this "growing out my hair" phase will last another week or two tops before it drives me completely nuts and then I'll hack it all off again.  But, we will see!  

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