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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Growing Impatient

May 1st is finally here.  I was assured that my dress would be here by the beginning of May.  While this year has gone by SO incredibly quickly, it seems that I've been waiting for my dress to arrive for FOREVER.

I am hoping so much that I will get that call this week.  I'm going crazy waiting on it!  

Once I get the call saying that the dress is finally in, I plan to book a flight to Indiana.  Then I will have my first fitting and get the alteration process started.  Since they said that I was a "perfect" size, there shouldn't be a whole lot of alterations for the top of the dress.  However, the dress is made to be 60 inches tall.  I'm only 63 inches tall (5'3").  So, I'm thinking the dress will have to have some taken off the bottom.  It's probably going to depend on how high of heels I decide to wear!  

All I know is that I just cannot wait for this beauty to be here:

Bonny 044

Oh!  I love it so much!  I can't wait to put on the dress that is made for just me.  It's going to be beautiful and perfect.  And, thankfully, my body doesn't fluctuate very much, so once we do the first set of alterations, my dress should be pretty much set!  :)

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