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Monday, May 16, 2011

Registries, Revisited

On Saturday, Philip and I went to Kohls and Target to add stuff to our registries.  Philip had a fantastic time.  He added some stuff that we will most likely never use (and I will probably be editing off the list very soon -- shhh! Don't tell Philip!).  He just had entirely too much fun with that scan gun!  

I have to admit, I really enjoyed it, too.  Philip and I have both been on our own for a while, so there isn't a whole lot of stuff that we really need... so most of the things that were added aren't really necessities.  They're just for fun.  :)  

So, we are now registered at, Kohls, and Target.  I think that's enough variety for people to be able to find something for us... if they even want to get us something!  

Honestly, I don't think that most people attending our wedding will be bringing gifts.  A majority of the guests are coming from out of town (as are we) and I don't think they will want to have to worry about a gift on their travels.  It's also just more convenient for us (so we don't have to figure out how to get our gifts back to Colorado).  

But, we have done our due diligence to make sure that if they do want to get us something, they will have something within their price range at multiple convenient locations.  ;)


  1. I loved registering! I keep adding/deleting stuff online. How was Kohl's? I've had nothing but trouble with them, so I hope you've fared better!

  2. Registering was so fun! Loved it. I defintely added and deleted stuff throughout our engagement.

    I noticed a lot of our guests bought things off our registries so I'm so glad we registered for gifts we actually wanted. I had a friend who didn't register at all and was hoping to get more cash, but didn't. She just didn't get gifts she wanted, and not as much cash as they were hoping to receive.


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