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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Guest Book

Tonight, I made an attempt at making my own guest book.  I started off with an old scrapbook.  It was kind of hideous, so I hadn't done anything with it.  

First, I had to rip off the raised photo holder on the front and pull out the ribbon (and take out the pages that I didn't need).  

Then I wrapped the book part in navy colored fabric.  It took a lot of experimentation with different kinds of glues, but I got it figured out (double sided tape -- from Dollar Tree!).  Then I covered up the inside where the fabric was glued and folded over with some ivory paper.  

Then I strung it all together using some sheer ribbon and tied it in a pretty bow.  :)

I like it, but it's just too plain.  I have to figure something out to do with it.  I did a little experimentation with more ribbon in different spots, but I'm not sure I like it.  I'll figure something out!

I'm actually more excited for what is going to go inside the guest book.  I'm going to put a photo of Philip and I in the center of each page.  Then the guests can sign around the photos.  I am going to ask guests to write notes to us instead of just putting their names.  I think it will be cute.  :)


  1. Very pretty! Tossing out an idea.. you know the "emblem" on your aisle runner? How about painting that on the front gb cover in an ivory paint? Centered maybe with your wedding date at the bottom? Every time I see a picture of your table number centerpieces, I'm flubbergusted! They are amazing!

  2. That's exactly what my mom said! I think I'll have to pick up a paint pen in order to do that. It was hard enough to paint that large scale on the aisle runner! I think I might go nuts if I try to use a paint brush on the small scale guest book!


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