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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The "R" Word

I was just watching an old episode of Whose Wedding Is It Anyway and the couple was having an outdoor ceremony.  It was really pouring rain.  The groom was really upset, but I felt that he summed it up beautifully:
I don't want to move this ceremony inside.  That's a lot of rain though.  On a scale of 1 to 10,  I would say that's a f**kload of rain.  
Wow.  Words of wisdom right there!  After that episode, I thought about our own wedding.  Since we're having an outdoor wedding, I get this question a lot: "What about rain?"  

For the most part, I have been choosing to ignore the possibility that it might rain on our wedding day.  We do have a back-up plan for the ceremony, but it's not ideal in any way.  If it is raining, we will be moving the ceremony just down the street to a pavilion (also a part of Chickies Rock Park, but not nearly as beautiful).  

I am desperately hoping that it doesn't rain for our ceremony (I'd also like to hope that it doesn't rain for the reception either, but at least there is a tent there!).  But, even if it pours a "f**kload" of rain down on our ceremony (since September is one of the rainiest months in Pennsylvania -- If we were getting married in Colorado, this wouldn't be an issue!), I know that it will still be beautiful.  

After all, one of my absolute favorite real wedding shoots features a bunch of the wet stuff:

Aren't they beautiful??  I love all the photos!  So, even if it does rain on our ceremony, I'm sure it will still be picture perfect.  :)

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