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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Engagement Announcement

I am so excited! Our first engagement announcement made it to my parents' town's newspaper today (Plymouth Pilot News - Plymouth, Indiana)! It looks pretty good, too! :)

If you'd like to see it, you can find it here. We are on page 5 right at the top center of the page. Okay, so I can't wait for you to see it, so here is a preview of it:

It's so exciting! I didn't think i would be this thrilled about the engagement announcement! But, I most definitely am. Please, share my joy! :D

It took a few weeks for it to get posted, but I am definitely pleased with the result.

I still plan to have the announcement put in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania newspaper (Philip's grandparents), the Phoenix, Arizona newspaper (Philip's Mom & Stepdad), and the podunk, Pennsylvania newspaper (Philip's Dad & Stepmom... okay, so I can't remember the name of the little bitty town - HA!). I wonder if the excitement will wear off for those announcements? I doubt it! :)

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