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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tips for Rockin' an iPod Reception: Part 2

As promised, a new blog entry!  Let's get into the iPod reception stuff (I blogged part 1 about about forever ago).  Next up, the dinner hour. 

Again, no real issues with the iPod.  It continued to play through while we ate, toasted, took pictures, etc.  It was nice to not have to worry about it and to have it play songs that meant something to us/that we liked.  I chose Carolina On My Mind because Philip and I met and fell in love there.  I chose the George Strait version of Fly Me To The Moon because our first date was a George Strait concert.  

I tried to choose songs that were relatively mellow because it was supposed to just be us eating.  I left off with Barefoot Blue Jean Night and Please Forgive Me because they're a little more upbeat... so, they were supposed to kind of lead into the dancing part of the reception.  

It didn't quite work out as it was supposed to.  But, that's for the next post!

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