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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Engagement Photos

We officially have an appointment for our engagement photos. I have put it off until now because I didn't want to spend a few hundred dollars on just e-pics. Well, thanks to Facebook, I found a photographer to do them for $50!

The photographer is Lucas McDonough. The engagement package is normally $100.00, but I saw an ad on Facebook for him with a 50% off deal... so, I contacted him immediately. He confirmed the deal and we set up an appointment for this Saturday at 3pm.

We're doing the shots in Downtown Denver. I let Philip decide. We could have done them anywhere within 25 miles of Denver, but our photographer recommended Red Rocks or Downtown. Philip said since our wedding pictures will be outside in a park, we should get something a little different for our e-pics. I think he has a valid point. Hell, I'm just thrilled whenever he gives input!

To be fair, Philip has been doing an excellent job lately. He has given input whenever I have asked, and he has even helped on a few projects! I am an incredibly lucky bride! :) In fact, I should have a post up later this week of a project he was helping me with... I'll get the post up as soon as the project is finished.

Oh! And, the paper for the invitations came in on Friday! It's darker than I thought it was going to be, so I am very happy with it! I used Craigslist to find a 24"x24" paper cutter for $30 (GREAT deal!) and I'm going to pick it up tomorrow after work... then I will get to begin creating my pocketfolds! I am so excited! :D

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