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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Deals on Linens!

I'd like to let all of you know about a great sale going on over at Linen Tablecloth (the online store).  They have great prices every day, but they have a sale going on until Friday at midnight.  You get 18.3% off your order of napkins, table runners, overlays, and sashes.  It's their "Dare You Not To Go Bare" sale!  

I took advantage of this deal and scored myself some napkins for the wedding.  The napkins I wanted were the 17" navy blue poly napkins.  They are going to be the "pop" of color at our reception.  Most of our tent will be decorated in neutral colors (ivory, white, burlap, etc.), so I wanted something small to add just a little spice.  And, our other color is navy blue so it just makes sense.  :)

Anyway, the napkins are normally $6.99 a dozen.  However, they are on sale right now for $5.99.  And, I got the 18.3% discount on top of that.  So, I paid about $4.89 per dozen for them.  That works out to about 41¢ a napkin.  Most of the places I found to rent napkins are 75¢ a piece or more.  So, it works out much better to just buy the napkins.  I can either hang on to them after the wedding or sell them.  

So, 120 of these beauties:

are on their way to see me.  Well, actually they're being shipped to my mom.  I'm not expecting nearly that many guests at our wedding, but I wanted to make sure we have plenty of extras on hand, just in case.  

Remember to take advantage of the sale before Friday night at midnight!  To use it, sign up for a retail account and use the code NOBAREHERE.  Happy linen shopping!

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