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Friday, August 19, 2011

DIY Flower Girl Basket

I finally sat down today and finished the flower girl basket.  I changed plans from a while back and decided to incorporate the burlap in with it (trying to tie everything together).  This is what I came up with:

I wish I could've gotten better pictures.  My battery went dead after getting just these three pictures.  I promise to charge my camera battery and put up some more photos later.  Especially so you can see how the burlap lines the inside and how the ribbon is layered on the handle.  :)

It basically cost me nothing.  I've had the basket for years.  I don't even remember where I bought it.  I had the ribbon leftover from the invitations.  And, the burlap is extra from the giant roll of burlap that I bought for the table runners and other projects. 

I like it.  It's simple.  And it took only about half an hour to put together.  And, if I wouldn't have been watching The Lost Boys at the same time, I probably could have put it together in half that time!  ;)  

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