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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guess what came in the mail today...

The first of the RSVPs!  I can't believe it!  People started getting them Monday and Tuesday.  I thought it would be next week (or Friday at the earliest) before we started seeing those little cards in the mailbox.  I guess people decided to send them in immediately as a late birthday present for me (my birthday was yesterday)!

I tell you what, these three people (well, I guess sets of people) deserve prizes for being the first to get their RSVPs back to me!  

To be fair, one of the three was from my parents.  They, of course, RSVP'd yes.  Unfortunately, the other two RSVP'd no.  However, they were two that I already knew would be RSVPing no.

So, the count so far:
    RSVP YES: 2
    RSVP NO: 4
    NO RESPONSE: 152

It's so exciting to get them in the mail.  I can't wait to get more!  (and hopefully I will get a few more yes RSVPs tomorrow!)

1 comment:

  1. Yey! How exciting!

    btw, happy belated birthday! :)


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