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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paper Lanterns: Bought!

It's been an expensive day!  I bought the napkins, the burlap, and now the paper lanterns.  Ouch!

I spent a while tonight trying to figure out how many paper lanterns to buy.  Our tent is 45'x30'.  I want the lanterns to really make a statement.  I don't like this:

It's nice, but I want something more dramatic, like this:

So, I bought 80 paper lanterns.  I'm sure that the people helping me set up the tent on the Friday before the wedding will not be super happy with me about that!  ;)  Sorry, folks!  

I didn't want them all to be the same color, but I didn't want to sway too far away from the white color spectrum.  So, I bought white, ivory, and cream colored paper lanterns. 

It's not a huge difference in the color but it's enough to show that they are all different (at least that's the way I see it in my head!).  I bought:

Six 8" white lanterns
Twelve 8" white lanterns
Six 16" white lanterns
One 24" white lantern

Six 8" cream lanterns
Sixteen 12" cream lanterns
Six 16" cream lanterns

Ten 8" ivory lanterns
Twelve 12" ivory lanterns
Six 16" ivory lanterns

So, I've got a range of sizes and colors to work with.  I think it will be beautiful.  :)  I spent $106.78 on the 81 paper lanterns (including shipping).  I bought them from Jade Time.  The company had good reviews and it was by far the cheapest I found for paper lanterns.  I got a 5% discount (woo hoo, right?! lol) from "liking" them on Facebook.  The coupon code for the discount is JDFB411L.  

I was going to have them shipped directly to my mom so that I wouldn't have to worry about getting them there, but it was cheaper to ship them to my house.  So, they'll be joining me on my long journey to Indiana the week before the wedding. 

With all of this getting bought or finished, the wedding is feeling really real.  I suppose it should be since it's only 45 days away!  Aaaaaah!


  1. That's great! They're going to look so nice!

  2. Hey tara!! I am desperately looking for ivory lanterns. I don't want it to be too cream, and i don't want white. My colors are ivory, chocolate and pistachio (obnoxious I know, but that's the best color description i can come up with). Where did you get the true ivory lanterns? A lot of the ones I see are closer to cream. Thank you so much!! Congratulations!!!

  3. Hi, Jennifer. As I said in the post, I bought the lanterns from Jade Time []. I recommend the company. They were reasonably priced and quick to ship. And, everything arrived in great shape. I hope that helps. Good luck!

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