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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


That's my response whenever anyone asks me how I am lately.  Originally, I was supposed to take all of the wedding crafts and the dogs to Indiana this Friday (the 16th).  Well, plans changed when Philip got an interview in Chicago for this past Tuesday (if you want to know more, you can check out my other blog).  It was decided that he'd just take everything since he'd be heading that direction anyway.  

Well, that pushed the trip up by a week which meant that I had to finish all of my projects in about 2 days instead of a week.  And, I also had to shop for the honeymoon, pack, and get everything boxed up and put in Philip's Pilot.  It was exhausting!  But, I managed.  My house is so quiet without the dogs though.  I miss them terribly already.  They don't bark in the house, but it's so weird to not have them under my feet all the time or hear four sets of dog feet running down the stairs to greet me. 

Philip with Cody the day before they left -- they were wrestling.  Obviously Philip was winning.  ;)

On top of that, I also took on a ton more responsibility at work and have been crazy busy there (and working longer hours).  Have I mentioned lately how much I'm looking forward to the honeymoon??  ;)  

Speaking of the honeymoon, I got some Euros today from the bank.  It's just to get us through the travel and first day or so (when we can't use our debit card).  It's exciting though because I think it's the last thing we had to do for the honeymoon!  That means that it's REALLY close!  Eleven days until we leave!  :)

Anyway, I got a bunch of projects done, so I'll be blogging about them soon.  Thanks for bearing with me through the insanity.  :)

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