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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pretty, Pretty Pashmina

Last week, I bought pashmina shawls for my maids and I.  The three of us are wearing strapless dresses so I wanted something to keep us warm should our September evening turn chilly.  And, I love pashmina.  It's so soft and beautiful.  

First, I searched on Amazon.  The ones I liked were pretty pricey.  And, I'm a ch-- I mean, frugal bride!  ;)  I don't like to pay too much for anything!  So, I took my chances on ebay.  And, I definitely got a great deal!  

I went with seller lj_backpack.  I got 2 ivory/cream colored pashmina shawls:

I paid $7.65 each for them with free shipping.  I bought them Friday night at about 7pm.  They arrived this afternoon.  So, technically only a business day later!  I'd say that's pretty quick.  :)  They are beautiful and great quality.  I'm really happy with this purchase!

I can't wait to see how the navy looks over my dress and how the ivory looks over the bridesmaid (navy) dresses.  Only 18 more days until I get to!  :)

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  1. wow nice pashmina .. i would like to buy it for my g.f the black one is awesome.. plz give me some details!!
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