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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let the weather stalking begin!

It's that time, folks.  Our wedding day is finally on the 10 day forecast for the Weather Channel. And guess what!?  It's glorious.   :)

Saturday is supposed to be 75 and sunny with a 0% chance of rain.  That's my idea of perfect weather!  I realize that it's still over a week away and weather forecasting isn't an exact science.  However, it makes me happy that everything looks good so far!  And now I will begin stalking The Weather Channel website every day!  

Also, the sunny days leading up to the wedding should help dry everything out for us from all of the floods.  So, hopefully we won't be knee deep in mud!  If that's the case, I hope my bridesmaids know that a new task has been added to their duties for the day: carrying me down the aisle!  LOL  just kidding, ladies!  ...sort of.  ;)

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