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Monday, September 19, 2011

Less than a week to go!

I can't believe it.  We've got less than a week to go.  The wedding is THIS Saturday!  Ahhh!  We will be flying to Pennsylvania on Thursday.  It just doesn't seem real.  By this time next week, Philip and I will have landed in Rome!  Oh, how I'm looking forward to that! 

I'm kind of in shock that it's so close.  Today, after doing invoicing for work (yes, I've been bringing work home all week -- I'm hoping to actually be caught up by the time we leave!), I downloaded a bunch of music and ordered some last minute items.  What did I order?  

Well, since you asked!  I ordered this lovely to sit atop our cake:

At $29.67, it's much more than I had intended to spend on a cake topper.  However, I'd been searching for months and months for something that I would fall in love with.  I wasn't able to come up with anything until last week.  This little guy caught my attention and I knew it would be perfect.  

Next up, I finally ordered the server set for us to cut our cake with:

At $39.95, this is definitely more than I thought I'd spend on a server set; especially one without engraving.  However, I searched and searched for a good set and didn't find anything I liked.  The ones I liked the look of were light or hollow and I wanted something solid and usable beyond the wedding.  The ones that were solid were just not very pretty.  I ended up with these because I know Oneida makes a great product.  And, I thought if I was going to use the serving set in the future, the engraving would wear off anyway.

I also bought a veil.  I actually bought one back in July off ebay but it didn't work out.  The lady attempted to scam me but I was able to see it before it went too far and cancel the order.  I got my money back but it left a bad taste in my mouth.  So, it took a while for me to reorder.  I ended up with this one: 

It's just a plain, fingertip length, double layer veil.  I think it's probably going to end up being too white but we'll fix that with some tea dying if need be.  We shall see.  At $14.99, I can't complain too much!

I also bought my garter set.  I wanted a keepsake garter as well as a toss garter so I just bought them in a set.  

They're nothing spectacular but they will certainly work for me.  They're just plain, cream, satin garters.  I was hoping to figure out a Yankees garter, but I just couldn't get myself to spend that much money on something that I didn't really like that much.  I'm still hoping that I can find a Yankees charm of some sort to attach to these.  That would make me very happy!

I also bought some gifts for parents and host/esses and grandparents.  I am not going to share them here though because I know that those are the people who most often read this blog!  You'll just have to wait, ladies!  :)

I think that's about it for now.  It's going to be a busy few days.  Wish us luck!  :)

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