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Sunday, September 4, 2011

RSVP Deadline

I have read countless blog posts about brides having to track down guests who have failed to RSVP by the deadline.  I was under no illusion that I would be any different.  However, I didn't think it would be this bad.  

The RSVP deadline was Saturday, September 3rd.  That gave people plenty of time to figure out if they were coming or not.  It's not as if I made things complicated.  I gave them a self addressed, stamped envelope.  And the RSVP already had their names on the card.  All they had to do is put a check mark next to "Will attend" or "Will not attend."  SUPER EASY PEOPLE!
However, apparently it's not nearly as simple as I thought.  I have now received 81 responses out of 161 people.  That's right at half!  

I will now call out people who should be ashamed.  First of all, I'd like to point out that Philip's paternal grandparents sent back their RSVP despite the fact that Pop Pop has been in the hospital fighting for his life pretty much since the invitations were sent.  So, all of the rest of you have no valid excuse!  :P

We have not received RSVPs from ANY of my dad's siblings (there are five of them).  We also haven't received RSVPs back from Philip's dad or from either of his invited siblings.  We've only received one RSVP back from Philip's dad's siblings (there are seven of them).  And, we never received an RSVP back from the best man.  

Of course, we didn't receive a whole lot more of them back, but those are the people who are most on my shit list and should've been the first to send theirs in!

I'm seriously irritated that I spent that much money on stamps for them and made it SO easy and we still only received half back.  I know that some of them were probably not sent back because they assumed that I knew they wouldn't be making it (or that they would).  However, that should mean it's even easier for them.  The day you get it, simply check yes or no and stick that envelope right back in the mailbox!  Easy as pie!  

Grrrr... I can't believe how irritating this process is.  I just have to keep thinking, we're going to have a beautiful day no matter who did or did not remember to send back their RSVPs.  And, I'll eventually forgive those who did not.  ;) 

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