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Sunday, September 4, 2011

RSVP: The Hunt

Since the deadline passed yesterday, I've been trying to hunt down a few of the stragglers.  I've called and texted a few and even sent some Facebook messages (as has Philip).  And, I've just said that some people aren't coming.  I've managed to figure out most of the people on the list.  I've just got a few more to track down.  

As of right now, we've got 41 yes RSVPs (including the ones I've managed to track down).  I'm thinking that we should have a few more to add to that list.  So, we should have right around 50 people (including Philip and I), give or take a few.  

Honestly, I'd resigned myself to the fact that no one was going to show up.  So, the fact that we've got a few more than I thought we would makes me happy.  We are going to have a small, personal wedding.  And, it's going to be beautiful.  Now I just have to make it the 3 weeks until the big day!  ;)

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