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Monday, September 19, 2011

Unexpected Last Minute Beauty Concerns

First, let's start with the tan line issue.  I tried laying out but it wasn't going away very quickly.  And I was running out of nice weekend days to lay out (when we weren't busy doing a billion other things).  And then I started running out of time.  I didn't want to lay out in the week or two before the wedding because I didn't want to worry about my skin peeling.  

So, I bought this product:
I wasn't sure how effective it would be but I got it for like $3.50 at Walmart so I thought it would be worth a try.  I have been very pleasantly surprised!  The tan lines on my back are almost non-existent.  I'm still working on the ones on my chest, but I have faith that with a few more days worth of applications, I should be fairly tan-line free.  So, if you're trying to even out your tan or just get a little more tan (which is what I'm doing to my pasty-white legs!), I definitely recommend this lotion!  

Now on to the bad news.  I've been under a lot of stress lately.  I took over another person's job (on top of my own) at work.  Not only that, but the person left the job a mess and I've had to clean up month's worth of mess in order to even get started with it.  It's been very stressful.  Normally, I'd come home and cuddle with my beautiful pups and they'd make me feel better.  Not this week though.  They've been with my Mom (she's the dog-sitter when we're on vacation).  So, I haven't seen them since last Sunday.  And it's incredibly depressing.  

On top of that, we're waiting to hear back if Philip got a promotion.  It would be fantastic, but it would require a very long distance move to Chicago and Philip and I spending a month or more apart from each other (not to mention having to hire and train someone for my job here and find a new job in Chicago).  Oh, yeah.  And we're still planning a wedding from 1,700 miles away (with less than a week to go!).

So, yeah. Stress: I've got oodles of it.  What's that stress doing?  Causing my face to break out like a teenager.  Seriously.  It's ridiculous.  I haven't been wearing make-up and I've been trying to refrain from touching my face.  I'm slowing seeing an improvement.  However, I'm thinking that I will need plenty of concealer on the day of the wedding. 

Next up, I got my last haircut before the wedding on Saturday.  The lady was nice but she cut my hair so that it looks really choppy.  I'm not pleased.  I don't think it's super noticeable (especially since I just dyed it a really dark red color), but it still irritates me.  I may go back and try to have her fix it.  However, that scares me.  I think I'll just see how I feel about it in the next few days.  

Oh, what's that?  You want to see the color?  

I freakin' love it!  It's the color that I used to dye my hair when I was in high school.  I haven't been able to find it for years and I just happened to see it on the shelf last weekend.  I will try to get a picture of it tomorrow (or rather, later today) when I actually have it styled for work.  

I think that's all for now.  I'm sure hoping that no more "beauty concerns" arise!  And I'm hoping that these will be fixed for the big day.  :)

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