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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hotel Fori Imperiali Cavalieri Review

We stayed at Hotel Fori Imperiali Cavalieri for two nights.  The room and the bathroom were very clean.  The bedroom was really small, but to be expected in Rome.  The bathroom was actually really big by Italian standards.  

Pros: Clean, quiet, decent breakfast, great location

Cons: Uncomfortable bed, somewhat difficult to find, terrible wifi

On the whole, I'd say I give this hotel a 4 out of 5.  The bed wasn't great, but we weren't spending a whole lot of time in the hotel anyway.  My only real irritation was the wifi access.  It was terrible.  You have to basically stand on your head and wiggle your toes just right in order to get even a bar of service.  And that was with the wifi adapter thing right outside our door!  But, it wasn't a huge dealbreaker for us.  I just wanted to be able to tell my family that I was still alive.  :)  

This was taken from the roof of the hotel (they have a dining area up there).  The stone building you see with the arch windows -- that's the Colosseum.  
If you stay here, make sure you pay attention to where the hotel is before you wander off.  It can be tricky to get back to (it's a series of alleyways).  But, you can actually see the Colosseum from the roof of the hotel and it takes only a few minutes to walk there.  I'd definitely stay here again.  

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