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Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm Baaaaaack!

Philip and I just got back from our Italian honeymoon late last night.  It was an exhausting day.  We spent today preparing for our Indiana reception.  It's been an incredibly long month.  And, it's going to keep going like that for a bit longer.  Hopefully things will be calming down soon!

Anywho, our professional photos aren't back yet.  Howie said that it'd take about four weeks or so.  I'm sort of patiently waiting for them.  :)  He does have a few teasers up on his website.  I'll give you one of those to hold you over for a while.  ;) 

I was extremely happy with how some things turned out and extremely unhappy with others.  I will most likely start with honeymoon recaps since we've probably got another two weeks until the pro pics are back.  Then I'll do the wedding recaps and then my vendor reviews.  I thought it'd be quick after this was all over but it's looking like I've got a ton of blogging left to do here!

Also, I apologize for the lengthy absence.  I had planned to blog on the morning of the wedding but it was just far too hectic.  I thought I'd blog in Italy, but we never had any good wifi access (or time!).  I promise, I'm back now and will have plenty of good stuff to discuss.  :)  Thanks for your patience, readers!

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