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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Now what?

Well, that about wraps up our honeymoon recaps.  I was hoping that by the time I finished with those, we'd have our professional photos back so that I could start actual wedding recaps.  No such luck.  

At the wedding, our photographer said it would be four weeks until we had our photos.  Four weeks was on Saturday.  Being the incredibly patient person that I am, I waited until Monday to email him.  ;)  He told me that he's been super swamped (which I've seen on his Facebook page!) and that they probably wouldn't be done until next week.  
Next week!?  What will I do with myself until then?!  Okay, so I'll probably survive.  I don't know how other brides do it when their pro pics take months to be finished!  

Anywho, Howie (the photographer) gave me a few of our thank you parasol shots to use so that I can actually get our thank you cards ordered.  And since you've all patiently waited with me for pro pics, I'll share these with you.  :)  

I had originally planned to do the top photo in the middle of several other pro photos (not thank you parasol photos), but since it's going to be even longer before the pro photos are done, I think I'm just going to do the top photo by itself.  Thoughts?

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