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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The alcohol adventure...

Right before it was time for the rehearsal, my mom and I decided to run to the liquor store and grocery store to pick up beer, wine, soda, and other drinks for the reception.  It seemed like a simple enough task.  WRONG!

Pennsylvania is nuts!  We had to go to one place to get beer, another place to get wine, another place to get soda, and then we stopped by Dollar Tree to pick up a few last minute items.  It took FOREVER.  Especially since there was road construction going on in the area.  Seriously, Pennsylvania alcohol laws are just ridiculous. 

When we got back, we were running way behind.  People were asking about the rehearsal.  I decided that it just wasn't happening today.  We'd just go over a few things tomorrow before we got started.  Philip's mom was already calling me about when we were going to arrive for the Rehearsal Dinner.  So, I got dressed for the RD and out the door we went.  
There was apparently some confusion on the RD.  I was told that it started at "5:30 or so" which I took to mean around 5:30 or 6pm.  Apparently the guests were told something like 4:30 so they were there long before we were.  Oh, well.

Next up: The Rehearsal Dinner!

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