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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gifts and Cake!

Before I start this, I want to add that I'm dragging these pre-wedding recaps out as long as possible because I still do not have our pro-pics.  I checked the mail half a dozen times yesterday and when it finally arrived, there was no disc.  So, I emailed Howie to see if the disc had been sent yet (remember, he said I'd it in my hand by the weekend).  He emailed back this morning to tell me that he had just finished editing them this morning and he'd put them in the mail tomorrow.  I'm getting frustrated.  I know that average wait time is this or longer, but it's double what Howie had told me originally.  Grrr... At least when I have them in my possession, I know that they are going to be fantastic!

Anyway, on with the recap.  You might remember that I bought a special groom's cake for Philip especially for the rehearsal dinner.  I chose R2D2 because Philip is a huge Star Wars nerd--er, I mean fan.  ;)

I was actually really pleased with how it turned out.  It looked like R2D2 and had a special touch especially for us:
It's a bit difficult to see, but it says "9  24  2011" with a little heart after it.  
Philip digging in to R2D2's leg.  Do robots have legs?  lol
Poor legless R2D2.
Unfortunately I was not as impressed with the taste as I was the look of the cake.  And, even more unfortunately, I wasn't the only one.  Many of the guests and I thought the cake tasted really not good -- like it had been made a week or more ago.  It was dry and flavorless.  And, I had specifically told her not to use a lot of icing (Philip doesn't like lots of icing).  However, apparently she couldn't get the cake to hold together without a ton of icing.  

Although I was disappointed, Philip thought the cake tasted fine and he loved how it looked.  In fact, after we walked in, he turned to me and said, "Did you see the cake in the corner?!"  I told him that I did and that I had ordered it for him.  :)  He was very pleased.  

And, since it was a bridal shower, we also got presents.  :)

While we were opening presents, Philip's uncle Dave was making everyone laugh hysterically (as evidenced by the last photos!).  It was definitely a good time.  

Afterwards, we mingled a bit more and then said our goodbyes.  I was exhausted and ready for bed!  So, we headed back to Dave and Melisa's house to get some sleep.  Unfortunately, Philip turned on the TV to Son-In-Law and I got sucked in, so I didn't get to fall asleep right away.  And, even more unfortunately, I still had to get up early the next morning!  But, more on that next time!

Photos courtesy of Philip's mom Kim, my mom, and myself.

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