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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Girls Get Glamorous!

I quickly took a shower and grabbed the only piece of clothing that wasn't buried under a bunch of other suitcases and boxes -- the dress I wore to the rehearsal dinner.  Then I started getting ready.  And, away we go!

Tonya, my sister and MOH, putting on the pearl necklace that I got my girls.
Tonya helping me with my hair.
Tonya helping me with my hair as our mom looks on.  :)
Brooke, the flower girl, getting her hair done by her mom.
Doing our own make-up [Tonya, me, Aileen]
Me putting on my mom's pearl bracelet.
Tonya helping me put on my dress. 
Almost on!
My shoes. 
Mom helping me put on my pearl necklace. 
Mom helping me put on my pearl bracelet. 
Putting on my earrings.
Filing my nails.
Putting on my tiara/headband. 
When Howie left to do Philip's photos, we broke out the steamer and de-wrinkled my veil and our dresses.  When that was done, it was time to head to Bube's Brewery for the bridal portraits.  Up next, Philip gets ready.  

Photos courtesy of Howie Hartman of Double H Media.

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