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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I love my dress!

Yesterday, my mom and I went to get measured for my dress.  We decided to order from Greta's (despite the poor customer service the first time around).  When we went in, we were happy to find that our experience was much nicer the second time.  The lady who helped us was wonderful.  I got to try on the dress again and I am still completely in love with it (as is my mom!).  

We took a few more pictures of it because I won't see it again for a few months.  The delivery time is 10 days to 16 weeks!  Even if it takes the full 16 weeks, I still don't think it's all bad.  I still have 8 months to go until the wedding, so that leaves us plenty of time to get fitted and altered if need be (it shouldn't need to much altering because I measured at a perfect size -- they said that doesn't happen often!).  

Here it is again:

I just love it!  I love the understated details/beading on the front and I love the sleek train.  It's just perfect!  I can't wait to put on a dress that actually fits me right (in the photos, I'm holding the excess fabric to make it more like it will be when it actually fits me)!  I'm so glad that we found this dress.  And I definitely can't wait for Philip to see me in it.  :)

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, this dress is Bonny 044 in Ivory (it also comes in white).  

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  1. I love this dress and was thinking mine looked alot like it - then I read to the end of your post...It's a Bonny! Mine's a Bonny 1901...


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