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Friday, January 14, 2011

Rude People

FYI: This blog post is technically only sort of wedding related.

I work for a property management firm in Denver, Colorado.  I deal with people all day long.  Fortunately, most of the people I come into contact with are friendly.  Today, I had the wonderful fortune to deal with someone not in that category.

I was in a really good mood today (despite a crappy morning) because it's Friday and I get to see Philip tonight. You see, Philip works nights and I work days.  So, Monday through Thursday, we see each other for about 45 minutes (the time between when I get home and when Philip has to leave for work) and then we are together Friday night after I get off work (I get home at about 4:00pm), all day Saturday, and Sunday until he has to go to work about about 4:45pm.  It is difficult, but we make it work.  

Well, I went to deliver a check to a tenant on the floor right above us and I was chatting up the lady at the front desk and the other gentleman in the room.  I asked about their weekends and whatnot; just making small talk.  Then the lady asked me about my weekend.  I told her about Philip working nights and she said something that I still cannot believe.

She said, "That marriage is never going to last."  

I was in shock.  Who says something like that?  Where is that lady's censor?  I don't care if I don't think a marriage is going to work, if I don't know the people, I'm certainly not going to say anything like that!  

So, in my shock, I kind of tried to laugh it off and then I got the hell out of the room before she could say anything else offensive.  

I am still in shock.  How rude!  My marriage is going to be just like my relationship has always been with Philip (where we have always had different schedules): Perfect.  :P     

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