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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wedding Day Playlist

I was surfing around The Knot the other day and came across an idea for a Wedding Day Playlist.  Now, I love music.  I listen to music at work, at home, in my car, and pretty much everywhere in between.  I love all sorts of music from hard rock to country and everywhere in between.  

I do like the idea of having a wedding day playlist to play music to get us all hyped for the wedding.  However, I hate the songs that they have listed.  It's just too cheesey for me.  Maybe I'll feel differently on the actual day, but right now, I just think it's disgusting.  I don't want to listen to "Going to the Chapel" or "Get me to the Church on Time" when I'm getting my hair done or putting on my make-up.  Those aren't the kinds of songs that are going to get me hyped up.  Those are the kinds of songs to make me gag.  (haha)

So, I've compiled a list of songs that get me hyped up that I think would be better as my wedding day playlist.  Here they are:

Magic by B.o.B featuring Rivers Cuomo 
BYOB by System of a Down
Bleed It Out by Linkin Park
Whiskey Girl by Toby Keith
Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison
Meet Me Half Way by The Black Eyed Peas
We R Who We R by Ke$ha
Red Button by Mike Posner
Love Rollercoaster by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Around the World by Daft Punk
Shake It by Metro Station
It's Always Better (When I'm With You) by I Hate Kate (now Darling Thieves)
All Over You by The Spill Canvas
Kids by MGMT
Believe by The Bravery (which I have a hell of a time playing on GH!)
Learning to Fly by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Song 2 by Blur
Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand
All I Wanna Do by Sugarland 
All My Friends Say by Luke Bryan

I know that these probably aren't the songs that most people would put on a morning of the wedding playlist, but these are songs that make me feel good.  They make me want to dance.  They make me happy.  I don't want to listen to sappy songs as I'm getting ready (I'm going to do enough crying during the ceremony!).  I want to feel alive and happy.  These are the songs that will do that.  Of course, this isn't the final list; I'm sure there will be some additions and I may take some of them off the list as the day draws near.  But, this is the feel that I'll be going for.  :)


  1. Here's a couple of song titles - okay, I'm showing my age Tara - but I couldn't resist sending these to you *laughing*

    The Twist (how can a person NOT want to get down and boogey when you hear this?!)

    Walkin' On Sunshine
    The Loco Motion (oh god, that one brings back memories from 1974, now I AM showing my age!)
    Any Cher Song (of course, she's the one & only!)
    FlashDance (What A Feeling)

    Now.. okay, I'm old, I know!

  2. The Twist will definitely be played at the reception, but I don't want to be dancing TOO much while I'm trying to put on my makeup and do my hair! haha!

    I'll have to get all the girls' opinions on what songs we should play while we're getting ready. We'll have some Cher for you MIL, probably some country for my sis, and, hmmm..., maybe some KC and the Sunshine Band for my mom (HA!), and what does Brooke even listen to? I hope I don't have to suffer through Justin Bieber on my wedding morning! ;) hahaha

  3. Whaddaya mean you don't want to be dancing too much while putting on makeup & doing your hair? *tsk, tsk*... girl, if you can lick your elbow, then of course you can do the dancin', makeup and hair all at the same time! *laughing*

    Unchained Melody - married people's dance! That was your Mike & My song.

    Gads, there's so many songs out there! We can add some Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, ZZ Top! *laughing* - thanks for playing along, I'm just throwing out isht at ya to make you laugh!

  4. Hey! Aerosmith is one of my all-time favorite bands! And I do like ZZ Top, but maybe that's what the guys should be listening to while they get ready (Sharp Dressed Man -- HAHA!).


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