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Monday, January 3, 2011

Dress Shopping!!

My sister came into town on Friday afternoon. We took this opportunity to do a bit of dress shopping. It was my first time trying on wedding gowns. I was incredibly nervous. I don't really know why.

My original idea for my perfect wedding gown was pretty traditional. I wanted an A-line dress with a simple design. I DEFINITELY did not want any ruching. I think it looks like wadded up, used tissues. I do NOT like it. Plus, it just looks a little too "froo-froo" for me. This is what I originally had in mind for my dress:

I still love this dress. However, when we went dress shopping, the first dress I tried on was an A-line. It wasn't exactly like this, but the shape was the same. It was a beautiful dress, but it was not the dress for me. It swallowed my body up. I've got cute curves that I'd like my dress to accentuate, not swallow/cover up. Besides that, I'm only 5'3", so the dress was just too big for my height. It wasn't the dress for me.

My sister really wanted me to try a different kind of dress, so I did. It was a trumpet shaped dress (or mermaid). I never in a million years thought I would like a mermaid dress. I just don't like the way they look. Well, this mermaid dress was BEAUTIFUL on me. I loved it so much. It was all lace. It hugged my curves and it just looked fantastic.

I knew I was sold on that style of dress, but I wanted to see what my options were within that style, so I tried on a few more. The next dress I loved just as much, if not more. It was also all lace, but it also had a thin sash just under the bustline. It was all white instead of ivory. It looked great.

Then, my sister had me try a sleek, satin gown. It had silver beading just under the bust and also at the top of the train. It was incredibly elegant and beautiful. I really loved the dress, but I just wasn't sure if it would fit the outdoor/nature wedding that we have planned.

I have pictures of me in each of these 3 dresses, but I left my camera at Cheesecake Factory (where we went to eat after we shopped until we dropped). I'll upload the pictures as soon as I get my camera back today.

I can't wait to do some more shopping with my mom! Then we'll make a final decision and it will be glorious! I can't wait to have MY gown. It will make all of it real. :)

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