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Saturday, January 22, 2011

We found THE dress!

The plan was for me to fly into South Bend, Indiana on Thursday night.  Well, my plane was delayed in Denver so we didn't leave until about an hour after we were supposed to.  That meant that I missed my flight from Chicago to South Bend.  Well, my parents drove all the way to Chicago to pick me up!  We didn't get home until about 4am.  And then we got up at 8am to go to our bridal appointments. 

We had 3 appointments on Friday.  The first one was at Toumas in Fort Wayne Indiana.  They had a ton of dresses, but we didn't find "the one."  The sales lady was also really pushy. 

Next stop: The Perfect Dress (also in Fort Wayne).  I can't tell you how many dresses they actually have because we didn't actually see them.  We described what we were looking for and she brought out maybe 4 or 5 and I tried them on.  None of them were even close to being "the one."  The sales lady wasn't pushy but she also wasn't very friendly or helpful.

Then it was on to The Bride to Be (also in Fort Wayne).  They didn't have a lot of dresses, but the sales lady was INCREDIBLY helpful.  She took a ton of time to help us and made us feel very welcome.  There was one dress that we liked but it just wasn't quite right.  I was sorry we didn't find a dress there because I wanted to buy a dress from her. 

That was all for Friday.  I was feeling a little down about not finding anything, but I was still excited for Saturday.  We had only one appointment.  It was at Greta's in South Bend.  I'm torn about our experience with Greta's.  The customer service was terrible but we found THE dress.  

When we arrived, we were "greeted" by a very pushy lady.  Then our sales lady didn't listen to what we wanted and kept bringing us dresses that I had explicitly said that I did not like.  However, when she finally showed us a dress like what we described (after a TON of other dresses exactly as I described what I did NOT want), it was the one.  We tried on a few more, but we still felt the same way.

The "one" made all of us tear up a little bit.  It was beautiful and exactly how I wanted it to be.  It was mermaid and elegant with just the right amount of detail.  I loved it... and so did my mom, my sister (MOH), and a friend of ours.  So, without further ado, here it is:

[No Philip allowed!  No peeking beyond this point!]



[The details on the front.]

[The details on the back.]

 So, what do you think?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Tara as I knew you would be! It almost looks like it fits you perfectly and won't even need to be altered! So... who had the most tears? Mom?!

  2. Not quite, Kim! We were pulling it tight! It's still a bit big on me. We ordered a dress in my size. It should arrive in 10 days to 16 weeks. :)

    My mom definitely had the most tears. But, I saw my sister with damp eyes and even her friend (who I'd only met once before that day!) teared up. And, I did, too, of course! So, we knew it was perfect. :)

  3. beautiful! congrats on finding the one :)


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