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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baby's Breath Bouquets

When I first heard that, I thought: bland, plain, ugly.  I mean, surely there is a reason that Baby's Breath has been known as a "filler" flower for so long.  I don't even like Baby's Breath as a filler in bouquets, so I definitely thought I'd hate bouquets of only Baby's Breath.  

That was until I saw this:

I can't believe how much I love this bouquet.  It is so simple but so beautiful.  The satin ribbon just really sets it off.  As soon as I saw this bouquet, I did a little more research.  Then I found this featured wedding on The Bride's Cafe.  I'm in love.  

I mean, look at this bouquet:

Ahhhh!  I just love it!  The bouquets are just so cute!  And if those weren't enough, just look at these from the same wedding:

I just love the Baby's Breath boutonniere!  It's just right. 

And, if the bouquets and bouts weren't cute enough, how about a little Baby's Breath decor?  So, so, so adorable!

I really want to do these bouquets.  The only problem?  Because of my budget, I'm DIYing my flowers.  I will only be arriving in Pennsylvania on the Thursday before the Saturday wedding and there is going to be a ton of other stuff to do in those 2 days.  I don't want to have to deal with putting together bouquets in that time.  But, I don't like the look of the silk Baby's Breath as much as the real Baby's Breath.  

I've come up with a few options.  I am going to go to the local craft stores and see if I can find any silk Baby's Breath that I like.  If I can't, I'm going to do a little flower drying experiment.  

Sam's Club sells real flowers.  They carry Baby's Breath for incredibly cheap.  So, even if my experiment fails, I won't be out a whole lot of money.  I found a few tutorials on how to dry Baby's Breath (I like this one the best) and I think I can make it happen.  

I'm a little excited to see how it turns out.  I'll be sure to keep you all updated on that adventure! 

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