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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New ideas!

I've completed several DIY projects since becoming engaged: the bubbles, the wish jar, the photo frame card box, the sand ceremony frame/shadow box, the aisle runner, along with my in-progress projects (the save-the-date magnets and the pocketfold invitations). 

Even the in-progress projects will be finished in the next few weeks.  However, I have just under 8 months to go until the wedding date.  That still leaves a ton of time for other DIY projects!

In the beginning of my wedding planning, I came across a TON of ideas that I thought would be fantastic, but I tried to pace myself.  So far I've done the major projects that I wanted to get done (besides the programs and the in-progress stuff).  So, I thought I'd add a few projects to the list!

I've been cruising some wedding websites and came across a few ideas that I found before that I really liked:

1.) The "Thank You" Parasol.  The parasol photo will make for an absolutely fantastic Thank You card!  Don't you think?

2.) The Tears of Joy packets.  I absolutely love these.  I mean, I know a bunch of people (MOM!) who will be bawling their eyes out during the ceremony.  I think they're a nice touch!


I can't wait to get started on these projects!  I'll be busy this month with the STDs and the pocketfolds, but these will be filling up the month of March for me!  :)

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