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Thursday, February 17, 2011

We have a caterer! :)

My mom informed me this morning that we have a caterer!  We are going with Enck's Catering in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  They have fantastic reviews and they seem to be reasonably priced.
Looks yummy!  (source) 
Now comes the fun part: deciding on a menu.  I am so excited for this part!  I kind of really like food.  And, it's one BIG thing that we needed for the wedding.  That makes the day just that much more real.  

So, we are probably going with a basic hot buffet:
Your choice of two meats: Sliced Hot Baked Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey or Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Choice of Potato: Baked Idaho, Gourmet Potato, Red Bliss with Parsley, Scalloped Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes with Brown Butter or Home fries. Rice or Buttered Noodles are also available.

Choice of Hot Vegetable: Green Beans with or without almond slivers, Vegetable Medley, Glazed Baby Carrots, Peas, Pearl Onions, Creamed Corn, Shoe peg Corn, Baked Corn, Succotash, Lima Beans and other seasonal choices

The buffet will also automatically come with the following:

Assorted Salads: Dutch style Potato Salad, Red Skin Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Rotini Pasta Salad, Tortellini Pasta Salad, Red Beet Eggs, Pepper Cabbage and Coleslaw
Fresh Fruit displayed in a Carved Watermelon
Rolls & Butter
Ice Cream
We will have to change it up a little bit because we will have a few vegetarians at the wedding (like the bride!).  We are trying to figure out what we want and then we'll submit it to the caterer to get a quote per person.  I'm so excited!  


  1. I was thinking what about a vegetarian entree?

    That buffet sounds really good! That is really exciting! Will you have a food tasting?

  2. We won't be doing a tasting because of the distance (I'm in Colorado, the caterer is in Pennsylvania). However, I know people who have used this caterer and/or have had their food. They've assured me that it's delicious! :)


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