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Friday, February 25, 2011

How To: Envelope Liners

As I said in the previous post, these envelope liners are really simple.  They are just a little time consuming.  

First, find the paper that you'd like to use as a liner.  You could really use any kind of paper, but you should probably stick with something light (not cardstock) because the liner needs to be folded.  Also, cardstock probably wouldn't stay glued as easily when it is folded over (harder to keep the envelope closed).  I recommend going with wrapping paper.  It's light and it comes in lots of different colors and designs (so you can easily find something that works for you!).

I stopped by Dollar Tree last weekend and found some tissue paper that I liked.  It was foil lined so it was a little heavier than normal tissue paper.  It was just like normal wrapping paper.

Next up, figure out which envelopes you're going to use.  I went with these.  They are light, but they do the job.  They were also the perfect size for my STDs.

Once you've got your envelopes and your paper for the liners figured out, measure your envelopes.  

Measure from the bottom of the envelope to the point where the adhesive starts (in the center of the envelope).  Then measure your envelope from one side to the other.  Once you have those measurements, cut a piece of cardstock to that size (I just used a scrap piece of cardstock).  

Once you have your cardstock cut out, insert it into the envelope so that the tip of the envelope is at the top of the cardstock.  Then trace the lines for the point of the flap.  Then cut the point out of the cardstock.  

Now you've got your pattern!  Once that is all finished you're ready to cut out your liners.  I didn't do any tracing after I made the pattern.  I just lined up my pattern with the paper and used my Xacto knife to cut out the patterns.  

When the cutting was finished, I had this final product:

Once I had the pattern cut out, I inserted it into an envelope.  Make sure the liner goes in evenly and centered.  Try not to crinkle the paper.  


When the liner is in the envelope, crease the paper where the envelope folds over.  Then fold the liner over and place some adhesive on the flap of the envelope (I used these).  

Then fold the flap over onto the liner (making sure the liner is flat!) and make sure the liner sticks to the flap.  You should end up with something like this:

I am pleased with how mine turned out.  They aren't all perfect, but it did add a nice touch to the plain envelopes.  :)  And they looked terrific with my Save-the-Dates:

So, what do you think?  Have you done envelope liners for your invitations or Save-the-Dates?

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