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Monday, February 28, 2011

The *official* chair decision!

It's official.  We have a chair decision!  

You might recall that I was torn about whether to use regular, metal folding chairs with chair covers and sashes:

Or if I wanted to use the upgraded white resin chairs with sashes:

Well, we have a winner.  We are going to go with the white resin chairs.  They are going to end up being cheaper than the basic folding chair with the chair covers.  That's not the only reason we came to this decision though.  I think the plain resin chairs will be more fitting for the wedding.  The chair covers seem a little more elegant than what we're looking for.  

However, I do think I want the sashes to go vertically instead of horizontally.  Also, I'd like the sashes to be tulle.  So, the chairs will look like this (except they will be white with navy sashes):
It's nice to have one more decision done!  What do you think?

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