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Friday, February 25, 2011

Save-the-Dates: Envelope Liners Complete!

I finished the envelope liners last night.  I was ready to give up with about 20 to go.  I was tired and they were taking longer than expected.  And, my back hurt from sitting in the same position leaning over the table for too long.  And, on top of that, my adhesive dispenser was being difficult.  Grrr...

Anyway, I did get them finished and stuffed.  They look great!  I didn't take any pictures last night because I was tired and cranky and my camera battery was dead.  So, I'll definitely take some pictures tonight when I get home.  Philip is going to pick up the stamps from the post office today.  When I get home, I'll be stamping those suckers and sticking them in the mailbox.  :)  

And, I will eventually post a "how-to" on the envelope liners.  They were actually really simple... just a little time consuming.  I'm just relieved that it's all finished.  

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