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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses

There are just over 6 months left to go until the wedding.  And, we still don't have a bridesmaid dress decision.  It's driving me crazy.  

I left that up to my MOH (and sister) to decide.  My only stipulation was that the dress be navy.  I wanted to give her a chance to find a dress that she felt comfortable in, could possibly wear again, and be within a price range that she was comfortable with.  Maybe I should have just picked something and made her get it.  ;)

Last weekend, she went with my mom to do a little more dress shopping (we did some searching in December/January as well).  She found 2 dresses that she liked.  

This is Alfred Angelo 7056.  She really liked it.  I like it, too.  It would be in navy and ivory instead of the purple and magenta colors shown.  I think it's really cute on her.  It's not overly formal and it's something she could wear again.

This is Alfred Angelo 7044 (no pics of her in it though).  Again, it would be in navy and ivory.  This one is also cute.  It's a similar shape to the one above, so I think it probably looks nice on Tonya, too.  

I do have a few concerns, though.  First of all, the AA website makes the navy color look almost royal blue.  I do NOT want royal blue.  I did a few Google image searches, though, and found some photos of the dresses on actual bridesmaids and the navy looks like navy.  So, that eases my mind a bit.

My other concern is price.  I really didn't want to have my bridesmaids have to fork out a bunch of dough for the dresses.  The dress shop my sister went to was really pricey.  I did a little searching online and found them for a bit cheaper at (don't be fooled by the name; they carry all sizes!).  

I have to figure out if Tonya is set on these dresses now or if she wants to keep looking.  Either way, I'd like to get dresses ordered by the end of the month!  **Fingers Crossed**

If she is set on these dresses, I may try to pay for half of the dresses for the girls.  I've only got 2 bridesmaids, so it wouldn't be overly expensive to help out.  We will see!  

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