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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Painted Canvas Bags

Of course, all of you know that I love a good DIY project (especially for the wedding).  I am always stalking wedding blogs!  A few weeks ago, I came across a DIY project that I fell in love with: Personalized bridesmaid totes.  I found it on the Seaside Smitten blog.

I've known for a while what I was going to get for my BMs.  However, I hadn't thought about how I was going to package everything together.  I thought her totes were so adorable.  They looked perfect.  

So, I tried my hand at it.  I couldn't get the freezer paper to work right.  So, I gave up on that idea for a while.  

Well, last week, I found this:

It renewed my energy for this project.  So, yesterday I picked up some doilies from Dollar Tree.  And, today, I'm going to attempt to finish this project!  Wish me luck!

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