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Friday, March 4, 2011

Wedding Nightmares

I thought that it would eventually happen.  I was right.  I am now having wedding nightmares.  They've been coming for the past few weeks.  I'm not really sure why.  I'm not very stressed about the wedding.  Everything is going really well!  The only think I'm not happy about is that I can't be near the venue to do the planning.  

In one of the dreams I had, no one showed up.  The only people who were there were my mom and me.  No groom.  No wedding party.  No guests.  No photographer.  Just my mom and I.  I think that might be because I stress a little about people having to travel so far to get to the wedding.

In another dream, absolutely everyone showed up.  That doesn't seem like a bad thing except that there were no chairs, no tables, no food, no cake, no decorations.  Nothing.  ha!  I'm all about the extremes in my dreams.  So, my mom and I were rushing around (I was in my wedding dress!) trying to find chairs and tables and food for all of those people.  

In yet another dream, I was getting ready before the ceremony with my bridesmaids and my mom and MIL.  Everything was going really well.  We were doing our hair and makeup and listening to music.  We were having a fantastic time.  Then it came time to put the dress on.  The girls attempt to help me into the dress but it won't fit.  I start to panic.  Then I look down at my stomach and suddenly I realize that I'm like 8 months pregnant.  Super freaky!  

Phew!  Even my sleeping is consumed with wedding thoughts/plans.  I'm sure that everything will continue to go smoothly and none of these things will be an issue for us!  **Fingers Crossed!**

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