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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Centerpieces: Table Numbers

I've been trying to figure out what to do with the centerpieces.  Well, I came across something on the Thoughts of the All Consumed Bride blog that I fell in love with:

I think it's perfect!  Anyway, that blog directed me to the Shooting for a $3,000 Wedding blog which had more specific instructions.  The directions still weren't completely clear, but I knew I could figure it out.  

I already had some Dollar Tree frames laying around.  So, I went to Michael's to find some vellum.  I went with Recollections Translucent Specialty Paper.  I also picked up a few other items for some other projects.  ;)

Anyway, when I got home, I printed up two 4x6 black and white photos and a 4x6 table number (all on 1 sheet of paper -- that stuff isn't cheap!).  Then I cut them out.  I used the hot glue gun to attach the photos to the frames.  

Then I had to figure out how to attach the frames.  I was going to use L-brackets but I didn't have any laying around.  So, I used duct tape.  I'll probably pick up some L-brackets later to replace the duct tape, but for now, it worked.  

It seems to be relatively stable.  And it definitely looks nice as it is.  I put a tealight (in a glass holder) in the center of the frames.  And, here it is:

I tried to take pictures in the dark and in the light but the pictures do not do it justice.  It looks fantastic.  :)  This will be a definite addition to our tables.  And, the one that I did tonight only took about 20 minutes.  That's including the time it took for brainstorming how to put the thing together and to find the duct tape!  So, I think that when I'm prepared and get an assembly line going, these should a very quick project!

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  1. hi!

    i am getting married this november and had originally wanted to do these frames as centerpieces as well. when i tried printing pictures on vellum paper, however, it was a complete fail. what kind of printer do you have, maybe that was my problem?! your's turned out amazing!



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