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Monday, March 28, 2011

Tealight Candle Comparison

I am using tealights as a part of my centerpieces.  I don't want to have to spend a ton of money on them.  So I, of course, went to Dollar Tree.  I found two options.

First, Luminessece unscented white tealight candles in a 16 count bag.  Of course, they were a dollar.   

The other option was an 8 count box of Luminessence vanilla tealights.  Again, a dollar.  

I tried them out tonight.  I wanted to determine how long they would last.  I wanted to see if I could get away with paying half the price.  

The 16 count bag candles only lasted about 2 hours.  They definitely will not last for the amount of time that I need for the reception.  The 8 count bag candles lasted about 5 hours.  That's more like it!  

I know you might be tempted for tealights at half the cost, but unless you want to be lightless at 2 hours in or have to replace all of the tealights in the middle of your reception, I think it's best to use the 8 count box. 

Of course, I'm going to continue to look for deals.  Maybe I'll find some tealights that will last even longer or for less money.  We will see! 


  1. Tara... check Walmart! I *always* buy my bags of Tealight candles there, especially during the holidays when I burn them almost non-stop!

    I believe the bag of Un-scented 40 tealights is 4.99 (could be less or a little more, don't remember). BUT, they burn for 5-7 hours! I've gotten a couple of duds in every bag, but I found for the money and the length of burn time, those worked well!

    Unfortunately, the scented candles I've gotten in boxes from Walmart - they only last me maybe 2 hours though.


  2. I'll check Walmart. I'm new to the tealight experience so I'm having to do a lot of experimenting to see what works!


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