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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Learning Italian!

Philip and I decided to learn Italian before we go on our Italian honeymoon.  We decided this last year.  Well, we are just now getting around to it now.  

We are using Rosetta Stone.  We did our first lesson on Monday.  We are doing a lesson or two every day.  The lessons take about 10-15 minutes a piece.  Some of them are short (5 minutes) and some of them are a bit longer (the core lessons are about 30 minutes).  

It's going well so far.  The lessons are simple.  However, it's a bit different from how I've learned languages in the past.  To be fair, my years of Spanish classes didn't make me fluent!  So, hopefully this will go well.  We aren't expecting to be fluent by our honeymoon (less than 7 months away!), but we're hoping to have the basics under our belt by then.  

I don't think it will be too much to ask to be able to greet people, order a meal, or ask directions in Italian.  I don't think that's overreaching.  I'm not expecting to be able to hold hour long conversations in Italian.  We just want to be able to get by and enjoy ourselves!  Wish us luck!

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